The care we received at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is unparalleled. Every single person that took care of Sean did it with an amazing balance of top notch expertise and the most tender compassion. They loved and cared for us like family.

Every single dollar donated and raised on Sean's page will go directly to HLH Research at CHOP. HLH is not a known disease like many other childhood diseases, there are no NIH grants, there are no celebrities or giant organizations funding research, and yet so many children are dying from this under diagnosed and fatal disease. Please help me make a difference, every little bit helps!!!

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Mission Statement

Sean Fischel Connect Inc. was started to honor the memory of my son, Sean Michael Fischel, who lost his life after battling a rare disease called HLH (hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis). Our hope is to keep Sean’s light shining in the hearts of others. Our mission is for the charitable purpose of supporting children’s health and well being, encouraging them to connect and appreciate the impact they have on others and to raise awareness and funding for the research and treatment of childhood diseases.